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Special Offer

Low retractable motorised 5 section 10.50m x 5.8m pool enclosure offering all year use for the swimming pool, energy saving, reducing debris by 95%, safety, can be swum beneath, unique features as 'no gap' between sections - so no wind can enter to blow away, reduced chemical usage.
Currently £18,500.00 inc. vat fitted in England, motorisation extra £2,650.00 inc. vat fitted solar powered battery operated with remote.
We offer a wide range of standard and made to measure throughout the UK, fully guaranteed. High, Mid-Height or Low Pool Enclosured assembled and fitted by our own engineers.
All exclusive products
Low pool enclosure
Low pool enclosure
Low pool enclosure
Low pool enclosure
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Please feel free to contact us either by calling 07718 180511
Emailing us at info@extendingoutdoors.com

Unit 8,
Wilton Business Centre,
Kingsway, Wilton,

For a no obligation initial discussion about your swimming pool enclosure needs and requirements.

Arranging a Site Visit
For serious enquiries, we can make a site visit and prepare plans and estimates free of charge. Alternatively, if known, you can put your pool dimensions into the Enquiry Details on our form.

Requesting a Brochure
If you would like to request our brochure for a more in-depth look at our range, please fill out the contact form.

Your address
We like to send out our quotations/information in the post rather than email. Therefore it is important for us to have your postal address.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Please note that once you have placed an order you have 14 days in which to cancel your order. After this cooling off period, we do not offer a refund nor will we accept a return of your purchase.
10 Year Guarantees
(Subject to normal wear & tear locked down when closed)
Because we cover the UK and give long guarantees, we offer quality in all aspects of product and fitting as we want to have as few service calls as possible.

  • Guarantees for the installation - 10 years
  • 10 Years for structural frame
  • Wind 100 k/h load snow 45 k/m2
  • Glazing - Polycarbonate and glass (Not breakage) with a 15-year warranty.
  • All polycarbonate used is UV protected and hailstone resistant
  • 15 – year warranty on powder coating.
  • Our economy enclosures we offer a 5-year guarantee and slatted safety covers 3 – year guarantee – Motorisation all with a 2 – year guarantee.
When comparing companies that supply low swimming pool enclosures, please note that although the enclosures appear to look the same there are many differences in quality of construction, design & build. Also, many companies now import their product from a European Supplier who will also send European Fitters with their product to install. That offers issues should there be problems in the future.
ALL products we offer unless Supply Only will be fitted by our own fitters, we operate directly with customers and do not use salespeople so there are no misunderstandings – ALL our work is covered with Public Liability Assurance as it should be.
Planning Permission
Please be advised that a Retractable Pool Enclosure, whether high a pool enclosure or a low pool enclosure, is not a temporary building and is subject to planning permission when applicable for a sensitive area such as Conservation, Green Belt, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty etc.
We would normally undertake this on your behalf. We charge £460.00 to cover costs

Unit 8, Wilton Business Centre, Kingsway, Wilton, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP2 0AH

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