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Commercial and Large Enclosures
Create outdoor spaces for all year use

Large Retractable and Fixed Pool Enclosures

Organising a successful outdoor event in the UK is very much dependant on the weather which we all know can be very unpredictable.  So, if you have a large swimming pool or outdoor restaurant facilities protecting it with a retractable canopy or roof gives you the best of both worlds.
Fine sunny weather, everyone can enjoy the fresh air but if it rains everyone stays dry whilst still benefitting from being outside.
Swimming pools (schools, leisure centres and colleges), restaurants, commercial centres are typical examples of outdoor facilities that tend to close when it rains and therefore affecting your revenue.
Having an automatic retractable building, motorized retractable roof or motor driven telescopic enclosure means that you can transform your space in minutes into a dual-purpose facility that is unaffected by the weather. This means that you can use the facility all year round and continue to keep the revenue stream open.
Covertto Enclosures - featured below
We now supply the market leading Covertto enclosures. These enclosures feature polyurethane foam seals (not silicon), making them more reliable and longer lasting. They have cylindrical roller bearings (rather than thrust ball bearing) thus offer better stiffness, lower friction and longer service.
The Covertto high enclosures have a glazing bead and glazing is not inserted into the profile, far better performance in long term maintenance, as easy to replace damaged glazing, rather than to dismantle a complete section.
Please remember that you actually do get what you pay for to gain a far superior building that offer greater use (All Year), better performance and longevity.
Product Comparisons

Roof: 10mm twin walled Polycarbonate, superior UV protection and more heat retention.

Sides and Ends: 6.6mm laminated Safety Glass, easy to clean, better heat retention and far less condensation
Average Product

Roof: 6mm or 8mm twin walled Polycarbonate, single sided UV protection

Sides and Ends: Acrylic or Polycarbonate 3 - 4mm thick, difficult to clean, poor heat retention, wobbles in the wind and lots of condensation.
Advantages of Covertto

  • Discoloration is 4 times slower over 10 years
  • Glass is long lasting and more difficult to scratch
  • Will not lose clarity
  • Stable
sliding pool enclosure
italica lean to pool enclosure
tarraco pool enclosure
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