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These can be fitted against buildings and walls as well as being a free standing structure. They can be fixed or retractable. High swimming pool enclosures allow you to walk under the pool enclosure or even create a space similar to having a conservatory with a swimming pool.
Thanks to the retractable sliding system you can slide individual segments in both directions thus enabling you to have your pool open to the outdoors. In no time at all the whole enclosure can be retracted back away from the pool area. With the sections pushed together you can create a useful storage area that it is protected from the elements and creates a useful area for patio furniture or to relax with family and friends.
High and mid high pool enclosures allows freedom of movement around the pool enclosure making it ideal for sheltered swimming and chilling out with family and friends.
We design, supply and fit made to measure standard high and mid high swimming pool enclosures throughout the UK.

All our high enclosures and medium height enclosures are glazed with safety glass to ends and sides and can be fixed or retractable.
We do not use plastic for high or medium height enclosures due to condensation, flexibility in wind, deterioration over a period making loss of clarity, cannot be easily cleaned and does not retain heat.

Please note due to our experience in this market many clients believe they will fully open a retractable high enclosure, few do. We find the best option would be always to have the two ends fixed with the retracting section between those ends. This allows less loss of height and width, normally you will not need two people to move the retractable sections, it offers greater reliability with ease of operation; however, if the client is designed to have all sections retracting back, no issue.
High Enclosures are installed with safety glass to ends and sides to provide better insulation and far less condensation.
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Why choose us for your standard pool enclosure?
  • Our pool enclosures are unlike any other in the UK - they're entirely made-to-measure.
  • Your purchase will be automatically covered by a 10 year warranty on the build and installation, and a 15 year warranty on the glazing.
  • Our enclosures are strong, safe and gap-free, so unlike other enclosures, they will never collapse or blow over.
  • We offer a selection of standard pool enclosures, all of which can be fitted against buildings, chalets or walls etc. or can incorporate part buildings or walls.
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