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Our wide choice of eye catching aluminium hot tub enclosures, pergolas and canopies give the ideal weather protection to your hot tub area, giving you flexibility on how you wish to protect yourself from the elements when using your hot tub. When you have an enclosure, on cold or wet days you can completely encase the hot tub and on warm or sunny days you can open up the doors to enjoy the fresh air. If you have a pergola to cover your hot tub, a rooftop opening provides ventilation and still gives some shade.

Our hot tub enclosures and pergolas come in a varying styles and colours, so we are sure to have the ideal construction to suit your hot tub area whether its a terrace, patio or a special place in your garden. You can design your hot tub enclosure or pergola for all year use with discretionary coordinated LED lighting, heater, roller screens or sliding glass doors.
All year round use
With a hot tub enclosure or pergola, never stop enjoying a moment of relaxation. Our hot tub enclosures and pergolas feature a contemporary design and are easy to maintain.

With these covers, you will enjoy your hot tub all year round, whenever you want. And when the good weather arrives, open your hot tub enclosure to enjoy the first rays of sun and the outdoors.

A ready-to-use relaxation bubble. Our enclosures are very easy to operate and install and have an aesthetic that blends seamlessly into the environment.
Retractable hot tub enclosure
Hot tub under pergola
Hot tub under one of our pergolas
Hot tub glass enclosure
Hot tub on veranda
This is what you can anticipate from our range of hot tub enclosures and pergolas

Aesthetically satisfying -  we offer a wide range of designs that include square, rectangular and octagonal shapes.

Impervious to climate - Qualicoat Qualimarine powder-coated grey aluminum structure gives elegance to the pergola. The transparent polycarbonate roof is double-side UV-treated and has a 10-year guarantee against yellowing, loss in resistance and hail. Lateral fronts can be manufactured in safety glass.

Adjustable to suit all areas Made of aluminum, qualified Qualicoat and Qualimarine, the bioclimatic pergola can be configured in different ways such as wall support, partially fixed against a wall and on poles. It can be supported by poles or fixed between walls facing each other.

A modular roofing - During periods of heavy rain or snow, the bioclimatic pergola resists very well. Its longevity is a significant asset.
The accumulated water on the roof is drained into the poles of the pergola. It is an aesthetic asset because the absence of gutter makes carpentry minimalist and elegant while ensuring comfort throughout the year.
Concerning wind gusts and storms, tests show that the pergola resists to the wind of 62 mph.
To enjoy your pergola in all kinds of weather conditions (sun, heats, wind, rain), you have different door configurations.
The roof of your pergola is an opening structure, it can slide to enjoy the view on a summer night for example. The sunroof opens manually or automatically.
Manually, you just have to push the mobile structure, it is slight and easy to handle. In the motorized version, the roof opens with the remote control.
Hot Tub and Spa Enclosures Gallery
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