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Espace low pool enclosure
Espace & Cover is the European leader in the large width glass and custom shelters market (up to 28m span). They provide a ten-year building guarantee on all their products. Their products comply with the following standards:
ISO 9001 TÜV
Complies with DTU NV65 + Eurocode standard
Complies with standard NFP 90-309

The covering of their telescopic shelters is in organic glass (Safety glass) or in double glazing (Safety Laminated Glass)
They are the only manufacturer to assemble their shelters with a double bracket and welding. This unique manufacturing process allows them to honor 99% of the most complicated jobs on the market.
They manufacture all the fasteners and waterproofing parts themselves: (Corbel, struts, supports, brackets, channels, downspouts, adaptations, transoms, etc.)
The profiles are welded on site by their technical teams
Welds specific to aluminum (Tig and Mig) considerably improves the mechanical resistance as well as the rigidity of their pool and terrace enclosures.
Their telescopic shelters are equipped with a triple seal at the junction of the telescopic elements and also with a double EPDM flap on the ground on the lower cross member, which allows the best insulation coefficients.

The Espace Cover shelters are handled with optimum precision and ease due to the fact that the technicians embed the guide rails on the ground (Our technicians cut the terraces using an industrial edger, they remove the rubble and embed the spokes on the ground with cement and screws.
Inside the guide monorails are installed large AISI 316 stainless steel ball bearings mounted on a 12mm central axis (4 per unit). Anti-lifting process which also allows micrometric precision during the opening and closing phases of the telescopic modules.
Advantage of this installation process:
  • No bolting to the ground; the installation of the shelter is instantaneous. The shelter is systematically attached to the serious ground with the anti-lift system.
  • The double sealing by EPDM flap provides a perfect seal and we avoid any risk of friction because the flaps slide on the aluminum monorails.
  • No need to motorize our shelters (Soft and precise opening)

All coatings (glazing, polycarbonate, sandwich panel, etc.) are assembled using removable spacers (Same as their verandas)
All guide accessories are fitted with AISI 316 stainless steel ball bearings (No Teflon parts)
The fixed or pool veranda shelters have the same manufacturing process (Double bracket and welding)
Organic glass coating (Safety glass) and double glazing if covering a heated pool
All of our shelters can be fitted with a polycarbonate roof. They are compact and transparent using safety glass and double glazing.

Their fixed shelters are the only ones to be equipped with gutters and downspouts to evacuate rainwater and thus avoid cleaning the windows regularly. Their design office has developed specific profiles so that the channels have a dual function. They evacuate the water in the upper part and guide the sliding doors on the lower part
Their know-how of more than 20 years is derived from the world of the veranda, their aluminum profiles are designed to create a living room and not a simple shelter.
All their joinery: Bottom, facade, sliding door, skylight, and profile allowing adaptations or junctions to be made have been developed by their engineers in collaboration with the CORTIZO design office.

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