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Common Causes for Pool Enclosures Failing
The most common cause for a pool enclosure structure to fail is inclement weather such as heavy snow, hurricane force winds and whipping winds during thunderstorms. All of which we experience in the UK and not always during the winter.
However the design of the pool enclosure can also be attributed in assisting the premature failing of the pool enclosure. Some pool enclosure manufacturers leave a gap between each section which allows strong winds to enter the enclosure forcing the structure apart.

Please note that 99% of retractable pool enclosures on the market in the UK are from Europe, many manufactures tend to use a single neoprene skirt to seal the gap between the sections that enables them to retract, that is the issue, can be 50mm in width x 1mm thick and will shrink causing gaps and allow wind & rain to enter. When that is gale force, will blow out roof & side panels if not part or the whole enclosure. See images below.

Structural Integrity - At Extending Outdoors Leisure, we are the sole UK distributor for Azenco whose unique gap free design keeps out gale force winds and is therefore more robust than any other retractable pool enclosure available in the UK today.


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