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This is What We Do

We have installed over 1,000 enclosures high and low throughout the UK and have very few service calls, never had an enclosure collapsed by snow, none having issues with high winds and storms.
We provide a 10 years guarantee NOT WARRANTY on all, not selective, marine grade powder coating with a 15 year warranty, glazing also with a 15 year warranty and further more even when enclosures are out of guarantee we will still call to site to sort out any concerns and have always done so.
We accept price is a consideration but more important is quality of product and its longevity. Click on image to expand.

This is What We DO NOT DO

Supply and install products that are not designed to withstand the UK climate and collapse when it snows, fails due to high winds or winter storms. Click on image to expand.
Low Pool Enclosure with broken plexiglass High pool enclosure with broken plexiglass Pool fitted with polyglass that creates condensation and all the issues that come with it. High enclosure with side and roof damage High enclosure with roof sections blown free Collapse due to snowfall High enclosure with storm damage High enclosure with storm and wind damage Damaged high enclosure Enclosure with end blown in.
Pool Enclosures
Pool covers can minimise evaporation from pools. Covering your pool when not in use is the most cost-effective way of reducing your pool heating costs. Outdoor pools gain heat from the sun which is an important contribution to heating your pool. If you cover your pool with say a sliding deck then whilst heat is retained the pool is unable to continue to absorb the sun’s heat. A transparent pool cover will help retain heat and also still absorb heat from the sun. Additionally you will not have deal with debris such as leaves and twigs on a daily basis.
We supply low, medium height and full height sliding pool enclosures. They can be operated manually or electronically.
Covertto Enclosures
We now supply the market leading Covetto enclosures. These enclosures feature polyurethane foam seals (not silicon), making them more reliable and longer lasting. They have cylindrical roller bearings (rather than thrust ball bearing) thus offer better stiffness, lower friction and longer service.
The Covertto high enclosures have a glazing bead and glazing is not inserted into the profile, far better performance in long term maintenance, as easy to replace damaged glazing, rather than to dismantle a complete section.
Please remember that you actually do get what you pay for to gain a far superior building that offer greater use (All Year), better performance and longevity.
Azenco Group
The Azenco Group are currently our main suppliers and provide us with products that are exclusive to us. Manufactured in France they supply a wide range of pool protection systems, swimming pool enclosures and slatted covers. Azenco also offers outdoor enclosures, terrace enclosures, pergola, bioclimatic pergola, car enclosures and awnings. Design, innovation, reliability, high-quality and safety are the company trademarks.
Finally, Azenco Group puts its expertise to specific industrial and professional applications: public swimming pools, salt containers, washing stations, water treatment plants, restaurant terraces, enclosures on boats.
Corvertto pool covers
Sliding Swimming Pool Decks

Attractive and effective, Mobile Pool Decks can fit most pools. They are perfect if you are low on space, as when the pool is covered you can use it as an additional patio, and as a pool deck when the pool is uncovered! Sliding Swimming Pool Decks have the ability to protect your pools from all bad weather and help retain heat.
pool sliding deck
tarraco pool enclosure
Italica Pool Enclosure
High pool enclosure
Bioclimatic Pool Enclosure
Espace and Cover Low Pool Enclosure
Low Pool Cover
Pool Enclosure Benefits

Extending Outdoors pool enclosures allow pool owners to use their pool area throughout the year.A pool enclosure will transform your outdoor pool and deck area into an indoor environment creating a feeling of summer inside your pool enclosure. You get fun and enjoyment while keeping the users protected from inclement weather, no matter how bad the British weather gets.  Extending Outdoors has you covered.
Neither harmful UV rays during hot summer days nor the cold arctic air in winter can get into your pool enclosure and spoil your fun. One of the main benefits of having a retractable pool enclosure is that it reduces pool maintenance. You have no debris, leaves, sticks or dirt to remove, skimming or vacuuming. The pool area stays clean and tidy, without the constant need for manual maintenance.  Thus, becoming a distant memory. You will have more time to spend enjoying your pool area and a lot less time maintaining it.
There are very many benefits with Extending Outdoors. Our motorised retractable pool enclosures will open with a push of a button to suit any position. They can be partially opened to let a little fresh air in or fully opened on a beautiful summer’s day for those who wish to sunbathe.  If a storm suddenly appears simply push the button to close the sliding covers and you are then fully protected from the elements.
And then when the storm has passed the pool covers can be retracted within minutes to resume enjoying the sunny weather. Whether as a retractable pool enclosure or as part of a building, the Extending Outdoors retractable pool enclosure system can be opened or closed quickly and easily by just the push of a button using our automated electric drive system. You can also have a system that is fully manual if you want.
The key benefits of the Extending Outdoors Retractable Pool Enclosure system are:
  • Open with a push of a button to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Or manual operation.
  • Protection from the harmful effects of UV rays.
  • Protection from insects and bugs such as wasps or flies.
  • Increase the inside temperature up to 30°C when closed.
  • Protection from inclement weather conditions such as rain, wind, sleet or snow.
  • Easy direct access when connected to your house.
  • Use your swimming pool all year-round, even when it is cold outside.
  • Extended the use of your pool to all year round.
  • Increases pool temperature.
  • Less maintenance time.
  • Fewer chemicals required.
  • Trapping the heat when closed reduces heating costs.
  • Less water loss through evaporation.
  • Accident prevention - children and pets (when closed and locked)
  • No need to winterise and close your swimming pool.
  • Enjoy life - inside and out!
Advantages of a pool enclosure
Retractable swimming pool and patio enclosures provide the benefit of extending the life of your swimming pool and accessories and reduces the costs and time you spend maintaining your pool. A retractable swimming pool enclosure from Extending Outdoors will also do the following:
  • Increase your exercise and entertainment area to be used all year.
  • Enjoy the warmth that sun brings into your life without being affected by harmful UV rays.
  • Using the pool with the covers closed protects you from irritating insects.
  • Use the pool on cloudy days and the pool enclosure closed it will trap solar energy and increase the inside temperature just like a sunroom does. This means that if you have a heated swimming pool the combined heat from the pool and the sun will provide a comfortable temperature even during a cold winter.

Want more information?
If you believe that one of our products will serve your needs please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be able to answer all your questions and discuss the various options avavailable to you. You can call us on 01722 444590 or 07718 180511. Alternatively complete our enquiry form and we will contact you.

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