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Extending Outdoors Leisure - Extensions in Glass - Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Enclosures. Leading, most experienced, most varied, largest selection available throughout the UK. All exclusive products - Price reflected in products quality, design, glazing and guarantees.
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Pool area before installation of pool enclosure

* Subject to Heat Loss

* Prone to Insects

* Clearing Falling Debris

* Regular Surface Maintenance

* Need to Over Winter
Pool area after installation of pool enclosure

* Reduced Heating Costs

* Reduced Cleaning Time

* Use Anytime During The Year

* Improved Safety and Security

* Aesthetic Appeal
We have been installing swimming pool enclosures for more than 25 years. We design, supply and fit made to measure swimming pool enclosures anywhere in the UK. Alternatively, we offer standard and supply only pool enclosures as well as our DIY option enabling you to save on installation costs.
We can also supply and fit covers for the hospitality sector such as hotel pools, tennis courts and restaurants.
We have very many satisfied customers, read some of their comments here.
If the products we offer are of interest, we would suggest a free site survey to discuss your options.
Pool covers can minimise evaporation from pools. Covering your pool when not in use is the most cost-effective way of reducing your pool heating costs. Outdoor pools gain heat from the sun which is an important contribution to heating your pool. If you cover your pool with say a sliding deck then whilst heat is retained the pool is unable to continue to absorb the sun’s heat. A transparent pool cover will help retain heat and also still absorb heat from the sun. Additionally you will not have deal with debris such as leaves and twigs on a daily basis.
A wide choice of colours is available
Retractable Low Pool Enclosures
Retractable Pool Enclosures
Half Enclosure
Half Enclosure
High and Mid High Enclosures
Standard Enclosures
Retractable Garden Rooms
Retractable Garden Rooms
Bespoke Enclosures
Bespoke Enclosures
Quality Economy Supply Only or Fitted
DIY  Enclosures
Sliding Swimming Pool Decks
Mobile Swimming Pool Floors
Slatted Safety Covers
Slatted Safety Cover
Hot Tub & Spa Enclosures
DIY  Enclosures
Our manufacturers have a large range of quality products available
Video Gallery
Espace and Cover Low Pool Enclosure
Medium height pool enclosure
Spa Enclosure
High pool enclosure
We are the only manufacturer to assemble our shelters with a double bracket + welding. This unique manufacturing process allows us to honor 99% of the most complicated jobs on the market. We manufacture all the fasteners and waterproofing parts ourselves: (Corbel, struts, supports, brackets, channels, downspouts, adaptations, transoms, etc.). The profiles are welded on site by our technical teams. Welds specific to aluminum (Tig and Mig) This considerably improves the mechanical resistance as well as the rigidity of our pool and terrace enclosures.Our telescopic shelters are equipped with a triple seal at the junction of the telescopic elements and also with a double EPDM flap on the ground on the lower cross member, which allows the best insulation coefficients.
The Espace Cover shelters are handled with optimum precision and ease due to the fact that the technicians embed the guide rails on the ground (Our technicians cut the terraces using an industrial edger, they remove the rubble and embed the spokes on the ground with cement + screws. Inside the guide monorails are installed large AISI 316 stainless steel ball bearings mounted on a 12mm central axis (4 per unit). Anti-lifting process which also allows micrometric precision during the opening and closing phases of the telescopic modules.

The main feature of Maperglas customized retractable buildings is that they are completely made to measure, that is to say, MaperGlas designs and builds them to fit any space and to comply with all technical requirement that you may need.
Thus, starting off from an initial design and knowing your requirements, their technical department carries out the Engineering project and subsequent construction with the final objective of finishing the retractable roofing or enclosure to your complete satisfaction.
Maperglas manufacture residential and commercial pool enclosures.
18 years of experience, passion, innovations, technology and exceptional design.
Thousands of satisfied users in 25 European countries. ALUNA® International Trade and Development Group is a Polish leader manufacturing telescopic swimming pool roofs. Looking for continuous innovative solutions we create technology and promote market trends. Tough and reliable solutions based on the top design and quality, confirmed by numerous prizes and medals.
The Azenco group designs and manufactures in France a range of pool protection systems, swimming pool enclosures and slatted covers. Azenco also offers outdoor enclosures, terrace enclosures, pergola, bioclimatic pergola, car enclosures and awnings. Design, innovation, reliability, high-quality and safety are the company trademarks.
Finally, Azenco Group puts its expertise to specific industrial and professional applications: public swimming pools, salt containers, washing stations, water treatment plants, restaurant terraces, enclosures on boats.
Common Causes for Pool Enclosures Failing
The most common cause for a pool enclosure structure to fail is inclement weather such as heavy snow, hurricane force winds and whipping winds during thunderstorms. All of which we experience in the UK and not always during the winter.
However the design of the pool enclosure can also be attributed in assisting the premature failing of the pool enclosure. Some pool enclosure manufacturers leave a gap between each section which allows strong winds to enter the enclosure forcing the structure apart.

Extending Outdoors - The specialist for garden verandas, pergolas and awnings
Extending Outdoors is a sister business to Extending Outdoors Leisure and the links below will take you to the Extending Outdoors website. Our garden patio ideas show you how to transform your outdoor living space. Create a garden room or use an awning or pergola to provide an ideal covered space close to your pool. Extending Outdoors stands for professional customised solutions that not only improve your quality of life, but also create a completely new feeling of well-being under your outdoor living space.
Glass Verandas
Glass veranda
Stylish Pergolas
Aluminium pergola
Garden Awnings
Blue stripe awning
We are unlike any other pool enclosure provider and here's why:
  • Made-to-measure. Our pool enclosures are measured and made to perfectly fit your space
  • Standard. Set sizes and standard glazing
  • Guaranteed. Up to 10-year warranty on the build and installation. 15-year warranty on the glazing
  • Structural integrity. Our enclosures are strong, safe and can be gap-free, so unlike other enclosures, they may survive gale force winds & snow load.
  • Exclusive. We only install the highest quality enclosures. We are the only UK providers of industry-leading brands Alunal and Azenco
  • Accountable. We provide all our products directly, installed by our own people. This keeps it cost effective for you
  • Reliable. We prefer to use glass, not plastic when high or mid – height, as it gives you all year round use of your pool
  • Design. A huge range of design options and we can customise your enclosure with any colour of your choice
  • Experience. We pioneered pool enclosures in the UK, since its inception in 1991.
  • Tracked or Untracked – Dependent on product & surface area to fit to. With tracked both sides you are assured of no debris coming beneath sections. As all sections are retractable there will be gaps to bottom sections when no track.
How much does a swimming pool enclosure cost?
It is very difficult to publish an exact price for a swimming pool enclosure because there are so many variables. The width of the pool enclosure will determine the aluminium structure's profile and there are many different wall, roof and door options. Also you may want a pool enclosure that is tracked or untracked.
A standard small pool enclosure may be purchased for a few thousand pounds, but the larger ones are much moore expensive.
Where can I buy Pool Equipment and Accessories?
For pool accessories and equipment such as pool covers, solar pool covers, chemicals, pumps, filters, fittings and much more we recommend Pool Warehouse in Stroud. This is a family owned business that have been selling on the internet since 2005. Visit their website by clicking here
I am interested in buying an enclosure, what do I do next?

You can call us on 01722 444590 or use our online form by clicking on the link below. We would prefer that you completed our online enquiry form so that we can have details of your address. The reason for this is so that we can post to you all the information you need.
Make use of your swimming pool throughout the year - early morning to late evening, even Christmas Day.
Once you have one of our pool enclosures you will reduce pool maintenance - no further leaves, twigs, debris, dirt, insects, small animals etc.
  • Swim with one of our pool enclosures without a constant breeze or wind. No goosebumps. No insects.
  • Save money with one of our pool enclosures - reduce heating costs and chemical usage.
  • No need to winterise the pool with one of our pool enclosures, which can be used all year or left to tick over - no shock treatment and delays to use when the sun shines.
  • Our pool enclosures help conserve water, and when it rains, water levels are not increased, maintaining the environment within.
  • Our pool enclosures can be retractable if required, allowing for an indoor or outdoor swimming pool - the best of both worlds.
  • Our Mid Height – High pool enclosures may have glass sides & ends with no vibration when windy. This ensures that no hand print impressions are caused when touched if there is too much chlorine in the water.
  • All of our pool enclosures have individual, we offer tracked enclosures and untacked enclosures, tracked when necessary due to existing floor surface All retracting sections have double sets of self-lubricating wheels, making the enclosure easy to open and close when required.
  • All sections are fixed to the floor with locking pins.
  • The pool enclosure offers security for all, including family pets, as it is secured when not in use and unattended when away from home.
  • Remember, when people have our pool enclosures, they say that they wished they had 'Done it Sooner'. Our pool enclosure means you may swim when you want.
  • Normally, deposited order to delivery and start of installation, will be 6 - 12 weeks. Installation, with construction on site will be around 1 - 15 working days by our own experienced full-time fitters dependent on size of the enclosure.
  • Available as standard at no extra cost are over 100 RAL Colours, to ensure that our pool enclosure blends in with the surrounding area and is the colour of choice.
  • We import all produces from Europe and elsewhere to maintain exclusivity.
Please note that although the enclosures appear to look the same there are many differences in quality of construction, design & build. Also, many companies now import their product from a European Supplier who will also send European Fitters with their product to install. That offers issues should there be problems in the future.
ALL products we offer unless Supply Only will be fitted by our own fitters, we operate directly with customers and do not use salespeople so there are no misunderstandings – ALL work is covered with Public Liability Assurance as it should be.
All having child proof safety features and all compliant with CE.
CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manufactured in, or designed to be sold in, the EEA.
ALL with child proof locks for sections & doors. ALL sections should be fixed down when not in use.

  • Andrew McCullough -  Cambs     ‘’It has been a satisfactory transaction, no problems, everything happened as I was told it would’’

  • Jason Wilkinson - Eastleigh    ‘’Thank you for providing + Reliable + Informative + Service – The finish product is superb’’

  • Mr Hines – Felixstowe   ‘’I thought that the organisation of the assembly and delivery was excellent. How they managed to get the enormous lorry down our little road was amazing. PS. Started swimming on May 1st one month earlier than ever before.’’

  • Mr & Mrs Downs – Bristol   ‘’Very Professional in ALL AREAS’’

  • Mr & Mrs Barker – Emsworth   ‘’ Service very good – you do what you say’’.

  • Mr & Mrs Curtis – Southampton   ‘’Excellent product, excellent work force, excellent result. Very, Very pleased’’.

Many of our customers have completed satisfactory surveys and we would be pleased to share some of these with you on request.
I am interested in buying an enclosure, what do I do next?

You can call us on 01722 444590 or use our online form by clicking on the link below. We would prefer that you completed our online enquiry form so that we can have details of your address. The reason for this is so that we can post to you all the information you need.

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